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  • Moored or Moving
    Our Wi-Fi Is Grooving
    Empowering Our Community With Lightning-quick Broadband Wi-Fi
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    We Offer Same Day Solutions For Everything Tech

Take back your Internet We have the technology and the will to do what the government and corporations refuse to.

Everyone deserves internet that's reliable that's fast isn't expensive with redundancy without data-caps without throttling without limits that's community owned that's locally supported

Our Features

Roaming Wireless

Connect anywhere around the lake, even on your boat!

Local Support

When you have issues with connectivity, we're always here to help. We're available 24/7. Locally! You can even knock on our door if you want!

Multiple connectivity options

Wouldn't you like to have more options than being stuck with the one single cable monopoly?

Always online! Even without power!

No more outages - Our network has many layers of redundancy to insure you're always connected.

Transparent, cost effective, and scalable

We are a non-profit built by our community for our community. The bigger we grow the more we all benefit. Multiple connectivity options

and more...

We host many on-net amenities such as DNS caching, CDN edge caching, web hosting, server hosting (ESXi Hyper-converged), update caching (WSUS), package manager caching (via artifactory), PBX/SIP, VPN and more!

Don't feel like managing a router? We've got you covered. We can provide routers that connect seamlessly to all of your pre-existing devices. We'll install it and always be there when you need something changed!

You get your own slice of the whole network. This doesn't just expand our network, but yours as well!