Phase 1 - Wireless

Phase 1 rollout will be wireless, beginning in the second week of July 2022, using 60 GHz 802.11ad/ay equipment by MikroTik. Coverage will be limited to most of the lake-side properties within line-of-sight visibility of the fishing dock at Lot 71. The client/receiving station cost per user will be $150 to connect. Total bandwidth available to the wireless link(s) will be limited to ~700 Mbps shared amongst clients.

We will be offering free internet to the first few people to sign up, as long as you purchase the hardware from us, it's a total 1 time cost of $150 which will also serve as a backup later on during phase 2.

During phase 1 we're going to be offering a combination of Starlink, Wave, and LTE to achieve the highest possible throughput and redundancy.

If you're unhappy with it for any reason, we'll fully refund you the $150 as long as you return the device back to us in working condition.

If you're interested, please Contact Us. We can connect people within 24 hours of request depending on availability.