Looking for Volunteers

Lend a Hand, Make a Difference

At Duvall WiFi, we are dedicated to reshaping the internet experience for our community. However, to truly maximize our potential and provide everyone with reliable community broadband, we need your support.

Here's how you can help:

1. Content Creators & Writers

We're passionate about technology, but articulating our mission on the website presents a challenge. If you have a knack for writing or content creation, your skills can help us convey our objectives clearly and persuasively.

2. Outreach & Public Relations Enthusiasts

Building connections is crucial for a community-focused project like ours. We acknowledge that our strengths lie elsewhere, and public outreach isn't one of them. If you excel in PR, marketing, or merely connecting with people, you could be the catalyst to propel our project forward. Whether it's representing Duvall WiFi, training our team, or offering outreach strategies, your input could bridge our current gap.

3. Organizers & Project Managers

Juggling multiple tasks has its challenges. If you're someone who thrives on organizing projects and teams, your expertise can streamline our processes, ensuring tasks are prioritized and accomplished efficiently.

Make a Difference:
Your involvement can change the way our community connects and communicates. If any of the roles above resonate with you, or if you believe you can contribute in other ways, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Get in Touch:

  • Contact Page: https://duvallwifi.com/contact
  • Phone/Text: (360) 626-2946

Together, let's redefine community broadband for Duvall.